Using leverage can help your trading risk management.
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A Leveraged Approach to Managing Risk and Reward

Leverage can help boost potential profits and diversify your portfolio. But it comes with significant risks that you should be aware of.

You can understand how much risk you have in your portfolio by learning more about the beta and standard deviation of your investments.
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You Know Risk and Volatility, But Can You Measure Them?

Even though you might have a pretty good idea how much risk you’re willing to take in your portfolio, do you know how to measure it?

A sector rotation strategy involves determining which sectors might outperform others.
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Rotating Sectors: Diversification With a Tilt

Performance among sectors can vary greatly. With a sector rotation strategy, your goal is to invest in sectors that typically perform well under existing economic conditions.

Investors can now access financial and market information that was unimaginable 40 years ago.
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The Day That Sparked an Information Revolution for Investors

When the SEC deregulated the brokerage industry 40 years ago, it not only led to lower costs, but an information revolution for investors. 

5 Questions You May Have When Opening an Investment Account
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5 Questions You May Have When Opening an Investment Account

Opening a new investment account is a major financial decision. We’re here to help with five answers to frequently asked questions during the process.

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Scottrade Hires Jensen as Chief Information Security Officer

IT security veteran to lead Scottrade's efforts in cybersecurity.

Scottrade Again Recognized for Investment Services

Investment Services company wins TNS Choice Award for the third time in last four years.

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The Daily Brief - Of Love, Marriage and Finances

Staff in The Daily Brief,

Scottrade’s Joe Correnti discusses recent Scottrade client survey results on love and money and the importance of defining long-term financial goals in a relationship.


Scottrade Aims To Be More Than A Discount Broker

Ken Shreve, Investor’s Business Daily

Scottrade was recognized for overall customer satisfaction on IBD’s list of Best Online Brokers. Hear from Scottrade’s Erik Merkau about how the company is meeting client needs by expanding beyond low-cost trading to offer full-service solutions.


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"Highest in Investor Satisfaction in Self-Directed Services"


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