Past market performance can help provide context for investing in the future
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How the Past Can Help Inform Your Investing Future

Investors who understand what happened in the past in the markets might be better prepared to handle market volatility and hiccups in the future.

Investment fees could have an impact on your portfolio
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As You Build a Portfolio, Keep an Eye on Fees

As you build your investment portfolio, it might make sense to understand what fees you’re paying and how they might affect returns.

Bonds come in many varieties, making them a core asset allocation component in many portfolios.
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Does Your Portfolio Have Room for Bonds?

Bonds are considered lower risk than stocks. But they come in many varieties, making them a core holding in many portfolios.

Market corrections concern online traders.
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Bracing for a Bubble: Four Tips for Weathering a Volatile Market

Scottrade survey shows majority of traders are concerned about a market bubble, but expect the bull market to continue through summer. 

An allocation strategy can depend on your appetite for risk, your time horizon, your financial goals and your life goals.
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5 Variables to Consider in Asset Management

One of the crucial components for long-term investing is deciding how to divvy up investments in broad categories like stocks, bonds and cash.

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Scottrade Bank Equipment Finance Ranked 83 on 2015 Monitor 100

Bank division ranks among top 100 U.S. equipment finance and leasing companies after less than two years in operation.

Scottrade Hires Jensen as Chief Information Security Officer

IT security veteran to lead Scottrade's efforts in cybersecurity.

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Advisors' Back To School Advice For Students: Learn To Budget

Jason Notte, TheStreet

Scottrade’s Joe Correnti talks about the importance of students practicing good financial habits by building and sticking to a budget.


6 Steps for Advisors to Get More Clients

Bernice Napach, ThinkAdvisor

Scottrade® Advisor Services’ Brian Stimpfl talks about how advisors can deepen relationships with existing clients and cultivate new ones by knowing “the process behind growth.”

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