You can use order types and option strategies to help protect profits and minimize losses.
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6 Ways to Help Protect Profits and Minimize Losses

Are you losing sleep over how to protect trading profits and minimize trading losses? A variety of order types and options strategies might help.

Consolidating accounts might help make it easier to manage your portfolio.
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How Many Investment Accounts? Let Your Plan Be Your Guide

How many investment accounts do you need? That’s a trick question. It depends largely on your financial goals.

There are a few reasons why you should pay attention when a company splits its stock.
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What a Stock Split Really Means to You

Stock splits don’t change the market value of a company. But there are a few reasons why they might have an impact on investors.

ETFs and mutual funds can both offer instant diversification.
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8 Ways to Compare Mutual Funds and ETFs

Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds can offer instant diversification and professional management for your portfolio. We help you compare these two investment types. 

Earnings reports are oftentimes the only way you can look inside a company.
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3 Ways an Earnings Report Can Tell a Company’s Story

Earnings reports tell stories that can provide crucial insights. You just have to know where to look to find numbers that might affect stock price.

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News Releases

Scottrade Bank Equipment Finance Ranked 83 on 2015 Monitor 100

Bank division ranks among top 100 U.S. equipment finance and leasing companies after less than two years in operation.

Scottrade Hires Jensen as Chief Information Security Officer

IT security veteran to lead Scottrade's efforts in cybersecurity.

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6 Steps for Advisors to Get More Clients

Bernice Napach, ThinkAdvisor

Scottrade® Advisor Services’ Brian Stimpfl talks about how advisors can deepen relationships with existing clients and cultivate new ones by knowing “the process behind growth.”

Either Rebalance Your Retirement Portfolio or Risk Capsizing Your Future

Jason Notte, TheStreet

Scottrade’s Joe Correnti discusses portfolio rebalancing to help long-term investors stay on track.

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