Even a small deviation from earnings expectations can have a large impact on a stock’s share price.
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Are You Ready for Earnings Surprises?

When earnings expectations deviate from expectations, it can have a large impact on a stock’s price. A few tactics can help prepare you for surprises.


Investors should be aware of and wary of historical data.
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What Investors Could Learn About This Last-Term Presidency

No one knows the impact of a last-term presidency on the markets. So investors might be better off sticking with what they can control, like asset allocation.

As you plan for retirement, focus on what you can control.
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7 Retirement Philosophies for Today’s Investor

As you’re planning for retirement, it can be easy to become distracted for unforeseen events. Try, instead, to focus on what you can control.

What do falling oil prices mean for the energy sector?
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How Oil Prices Followed a Slippery Slope

Consumers no doubt have been celebrating spending less at the gas pump as crude oil prices have been following. But what does it mean for the energy sector?

Scottrade client survey gauges thoughts on love and money
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Until Debt Do Us Part?

Leading into Valentine’s Day, Scottrade recently fielded a survey among clients to gauge their thoughts on love and money.

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News Releases

Scottrade Introduces New Active Trading Offering for Complex Options Traders

Scottrade, Inc., with Interactive Brokers, will provide traders access to the technology they need and the service they deserve.

Photo of Mary Koomar, Scottrade Senior VP

Scottrade Senior VP Named YWCA Leader of Distinction

Mary Koomar honored by YWCA Metro St. Louis for her outstanding achievements in the workplace and community

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The Daily Brief - Of Love, Marriage and Finances

Staff in The Daily Brief, WealthManagement.com

Scottrade’s Joe Correnti discusses recent Scottrade client survey results on love and money and the importance of defining long-term financial goals in a relationship.


Scottrade Aims To Be More Than A Discount Broker

Ken Shreve, Investor’s Business Daily

Scottrade was recognized for overall customer satisfaction on IBD’s list of Best Online Brokers. Hear from Scottrade’s Erik Merkau about how the company is meeting client needs by expanding beyond low-cost trading to offer full-service solutions.


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"Highest in Investor Satisfaction in Self-Directed Services"


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Research Findings

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