A portfolio management tool can help keep your investments aligned to your financial goals.
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Is Your Portfolio in a Good Spot? This Tool Can Help

If your investment portfolio isn’t managed correctly, you’re more likely to miss your financial goals. A portfolio management tool can help.

4 questions couples can ask about planning their financial lives.
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Couples Financial Planning: 4 Questions to Ask

If you’ve decided to integrate finances with your significant other, consider asking some key questions to avoid future problems.

Many use Dow Theory to help determine the direction of the economy.
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How Dow Theory Might Help Improve Trading

Dow Theory looks at the trends of key financial indexes to provide an overall direction of where the markets and economy are heading.

Learn some ways to determine how much to save for retirement.
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How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

How much should you be saving for retirement? Scottrade presents some general concepts that may be worth looking into.  

How should you react to the recent market volatility?
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What to Make of Recent Market Volatility?

The markets had a rough first week, in part due to declines in China’s market. What does that mean for your investment portfolio?

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News Releases

Gen X – “The Worried Generation”

Scottrade Research Reveals Gen X More Concerned About Retirement, Education and Job Security than Other Generations

Scottrade Announces Peter deSilva as Brokerage President

New brokerage president bolsters executive team to lead brokerage strategy, brokerage product and brokerage client service.

Scottrade in the News

Advisors' Back To School Advice For Students: Learn To Budget

Jason Notte, TheStreet

Scottrade’s Joe Correnti talks about the importance of students practicing good financial habits by building and sticking to a budget.


6 Steps for Advisors to Get More Clients

Bernice Napach, ThinkAdvisor

Scottrade® Advisor Services’ Brian Stimpfl talks about how advisors can deepen relationships with existing clients and cultivate new ones by knowing “the process behind growth.”

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