Fact Sheet: OptionsFirst®

Scottrade OptionsFirst® offers the tools and educational resources to help execute advanced options strategies.

Cost to Trade

  • Option orders are $7 per ticket plus $1.25 per contract on all orders up to four legs.


  • $0 account transfer
  • $0 maintenance
  • No volume requirements
  • No monthly minimums

Options Trading Strategies

OptionsFirst® offers the capability to trade all options trading strategies including:

  • Buy-writes
  • Cash-secured puts
  • Collars
  • Credit and debit spreads
  • Four-legged spreads
  • Naked put and call writing

Online Investment Education Resources

Scottrade offers options trading education through Live Webinars, the KnowHow® News newsletter and the Scottrade® Online Community. The Options Industry Council (OIC) also provides education, including:

  • Online classes:
                • Options Basics
                • Options Pricing
                • Introduction to Spreading
  • Learning Tools
                • Options Glossary
                • Free Options INVESTigator Software
                • Free Options DVD
                • Options Book

Options Trading Tools

  • Covered Call Investigator 
                • Scans the market to find the highest possible premium for covered call
                  trades and breaks them into categories by the stock’s market cap.
  • Risk Viewer 
                • Shows the profit/loss for positions, including multi-leg spreads. 
                • Breaks down the Greeks for individual positions and overall portfolio.
                • Estimates market risk, position-by-position or portfolio-wide, to provide
                  theoretical value of positions and portfolio depending on market
                • Determines bearish, bullish or neutral based trading strategies. 
                • Executes hypothetical scenarios to determine the potential for profit.
  • Customizable Hot List and Watch List
                • Tracks the number of contracts in the market with an unlimited number
                  of lists.
  • Tools provided by The Options Industry Council (OIC)
                • Pricing Calculator
                • Strategy Screener
                • Position Simulator

Other Features

  • Smart Execution
                • With Point-and-Click execution, you can quickly place trades with
                  accuracy and security. Easily configure your order with Smart Order
                  Tickets and easily view Execution Reports to see how your order was
  • Enhanced Charting. 
                • Customize the chart to your needs by choosing the time frame, chart
                  type, and upper and lower indicators.
  • Virtual Trading
                • Watch, trade and test the market in real-time to determine entry and
                  exit points or evaluate different strategies before using real money.
  • Complex Options Strategies
                • Execute advanced options strategies such as spreads, straddles,
                  strangles, collars and butterflies – up to four legs per spread.

OptionsFirst® Fact Sheet

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