Scottrade Research Findings

Scottrade Research Findings

Each year, Scottrade commissions research studies to help gauge public attitudes, behaviors and trends related to investing. 

  • Scottrade’s American Retirement Study looks at the public’s current perspectives on retirement and retirement planning and savings.
  • Scottrade’s American Investor Study examines the public’s current viewpoints about investing and personal finance.
  • The Scottrade® Advisor Services Study samples registered investment advisors (RIAs) to learn more about the changes to their business practices and their clients’ behaviors.

For more information on the latest research findings, see the studies below or contact Scottrade Public Relations.


Scottrade American Investor Study

With the rise of real-time market news, investors continued a trend of checking their accounts with more frequency. This increasing engagement is coupled with strong investor confidence in the stock market. The seventh annual study uncovers the attitudes and behaviors behind more Americans choosing to self-direct their investments and their ability to navigate multifaceted market events.


Scottrade American Retirement Study

Concerns among Americans over being able to retire and save enough are spurring action. The definition of retirement began a noted change this year as more Americans expect to work during retirement to pay living expenses. However, Americans are increasingly confident in their own ability to plan for retirement as they report taking more actions to save.

Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

RIAs ranked customer service more important than technology offerings and overall cost when choosing a custodian, according to the 2012 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study. The study also shows that RIAs are finding their clients, regardless of age, hesitant to take a larger risk in their portfolios.

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