Scottrade® Advisor Services Registered Investment Advisor Study

Scottrade Advisor Services RIA Study

Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

Scottrade® Advisor Services commissioned a research study to survey registered investment advisors about their use of technology, how their business is evolving, competition and more.

2016 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

Developing or improving an advisor’s value proposition is a top priority in staying competitive.

Infographic - Value Proposition

Improving technology is the No. 1 investment priority for RIAs, slightly edging out growth and client service.

Infographic - Advisor Priority: Investing in Technology

2015 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

While client retention is important to their business goals, RIAs are more focused on growth and technology.  

Infographic - Advisors Intent on Investing in Growth

2014 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

Advisor conversations with clients could overcome appeal of robo-advising, according to the 2014 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study.

2012 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study

Registered Investment Advisors Rank Customer Service Top Factor When Choosing A Custodian

Personal customer service is most important when choosing a custodian or selecting a primary custodian, according to the 2012 Scottrade® Advisor Services Study.

New Scottrade® Advisor Services Research Shows RIAs’ Challenges and Dependence on Technology
More than half of advisors who said the economy has impacted the way they do business in the past year leveraged new technologies to help them become more efficient, according to the 2012 Scottrade® Advisor Services RIA Study.

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