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Building the Scottrade® brand across all types of media, Scottrade has become a driving force in the financial services industry for our client-focused marketing and public relations. Through our efforts in these areas, we continue to build the Scottrade® brand and strengthen our corporate reputation.

Scottrade continues to broaden the brand beyond value, drawing on our array of products, services and support to become even more relevant to today’s investor – who wants more help on the path to financial success.

Through a variety of public relations and social media efforts, Scottrade’s message of value, support and empowerment has been seen in leading editorial outlets throughout the country. Via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, we strengthen the Scottrade® brand through multi-channel storytelling initiatives.

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For Journalists: Scottrade’s Public Relations team assists reporters covering timely financial news. To arrange an interview with a Scottrade spokesperson, obtain photos or verify company facts, please contact one of our team members.

History Timeline

History Timeline

The brokerage industry was deregulated in 1975. Learn how Scottrade was founded to provide value to investors.

Research Findings


Learn more about Scottrade’s regular surveys of investors, traders and advisors.