Scottrade Offers One-of-a-Kind Flexible Reinvestment Program™

Free program offers investors choice for how to invest their dividends

ST. LOUIS, June 25, 2013Scottrade has launched a unique dividend reinvestment service to clients seeking more choices in their strategies for dividend-paying equities.

The online investing services company launched its Flexible Reinvestment ProgramTM to clients, which is far different from typical brokerage dividend reinvestment programs that only allow for dividends to be reinvested into the same security. With Scottrade’s flexible dividend reinvestment program, dividends flow into a program balance, or pool. Clients can tap that pool to buy up to five eligible* securities at a time. Most stock and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are eligible. All program purchases are commission free.

“Clients looking for maximum choice and flexibility in their dividend investing decisions will find our Flexible Reinvestment ProgramTM an important service that adds a lot of value to their Scottrade relationship,” said Justin Gioia, Scottrade’s vice president of Investor Experience. “With their dividends accumulating into a single pool, clients will have buying power to reinvest in most stocks or exchange-traded funds of their choosing. We’re taking the typical dividend reinvestment one step further. No other brokerage has anything like this.”


Clients can change their selections at any time. Automatic purchases for the selected securities can be set up monthly or quarterly.

“At Scottrade, we’re always looking to provide clients with an engaging experience, and Flexible Reinvestment Program™ is just one of the services we feel is an innovative solution that provides exceptional value,” Gioia said. “Early feedback from our clients makes us enthusiastic about the program’s adoption.”

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*Marginable equities are eligible with the program balance, as defined in the Flexible Reinvestment Program™ Terms and Conditions.

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