Scottrade in the News

Joe Pope and Ian Patterson

Scottrade’s Bank Forged a Non-Banking Customer Experience Through a CEO-CIO Partnership

Rick Pastore,

Scottrade CIO Ian Patterson and Scottrade Bank President Joe Pope discuss their partnership as they worked to bring a seamless brokerage and banking experience to investors.

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The Triple Threat to Baby Boomers' Retirement Plans

Dan Caplinger, Daily Finance

Dan Caplinger with AOL’s Daily Finance cites Scottrade’s American Investor Survey in an article about baby boomers struggle to financially support their children and aging parents.

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Full-Nest Syndrome

Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal mentions research findings from the 2011 American Investor Study released by Scottrade, Inc. The survey reveals an increased amount of stress among baby boomers who are financially supporting their parents and their children.

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Scottrade Advisor Services

A Peek Inside the Rising RIA Custodians Fighting to Overtake the Big Four

Lisa Shidler, RIA Biz

Brian Davis, director of Scottrade Advisor Services, explains how low-cost services are what help attract registered investment advisors to Scottrade as a custodial platform.

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Mobile App

Scottrade Android App

Brett DiDonato, Online Broker Review

Online Broker Review writes about Scottrade’s new mobile app for Android. The app allows investors to trade stocks and research the stock market through their smartphone. 

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Student Traders Invest in Futures

Jack Butler, The Collegian

The Collegian talks to two college students who are setting aside money now in order to better prepare for retirement.

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Retirement Wars

David N. Bass, The American Spectator

David N. Bass with The American Spectator raises questions about the growing “wealth-gap” and how that affects Millennials in their retirement savings plans.

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Scottrade IT

Scottrade: IT a Value Provider, Not Just a Cost Center

John Dodge, Enterprise CIO

Scottrade CIO Ian Patterson and Scottrade Bank CEO Joe Pope talk to Enterprise CIO Forum about banking for a discount brokerage.

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scottrade commerical

Argent’s ‘Hold Your Head Up’ Used in Scottrade Commercial

Billy Dukes,

Ultimate Classic Rock talks about how a song from the 1970s is coming back to life through a Scottrade commercial.

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wall street

Should Your Investment Strategy Include "Laughing at Wall Street?"

Chris Camillo,

Chris Camillo, well-known self-directed investor and author of the book “Laughing at Wall Street,” explains how becoming an information arbitrage investor can help the average consumer find investing opportunities in their everyday lives.

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