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Scottrade's new commercials: "Our Passion is to Power Yours"



Reaching Empowered Investors and Traders

Scottrade advertising: In Scottrade's new commercials the goal is to demonstrate the concepts of passion and the partnership the company has with his clients.

Scottrade’s brand is built on empowering investors and traders. From its first print advertisement in 1980 to its integrated advertising and marketing strategy today, Scottrade has continually used advertisements on television, in print and online to speak to investors and traders looking to overcome barriers to financial success.

The company’s digital advertising promotes Scottrade through digital media that investors frequently consume without detracting from their online experience.

In addition to the traditional financial services and news networks where Scottrade advertises, such as CNBC, MSNBC, FOX Business, and Fox News, Scottrade also includes networks with high-profile sports programming, such as ESPN, Golf Channel, NBC and NBC Sports Network.

Current Advertising Campaign

Scottrade’s “Our Passion is to Power Yours” commercial

On the heels of announcing the evolution of its business model, Scottrade launched a new advertising campaign in early 2016 highlighting the company’s commitment to investors and traders. The “Moments” campaign features specific moments when a personal financial situation needs attention. Starting a new job. Planning for retirement. Saving for a long-term goal like college.

The ads showcase Scottrade’s breadth of solutions and how it’s positioned to help clients seize those moments. The new campaign demonstrates whether clients know where they’re going or need guidance to get there – Scottrade is here to help.

Early Advertising Campaigns

From early on, Scottrade Founder and CEO, Rodger Riney was featured prominently in the company’s advertising. Rodger believed that having a human face in the ads made them more eye-catching within the text-heavy financial section of the newspaper. As Scottrade developed its television advertising in the 1990s, Rodger continued as the company spokesperson, looking into the camera and telling investors and traders about the value and service they would receive at Scottrade. That personal touch resonated with many investors and helped the company grow tremendously through the years.

Two of Scottrade’s other notable television advertising campaigns were known as “Helicopter” and “Little Rodger.”

Helicopter Campaign
In “Helicopter,” Rodger was seen flying in a helicopter above metropolitan areas and small communities checking on his clients. The camera zooms in on investors at their home computers, on their laptops, or at the park discussing how much they like investing with Scottrade. Scottrade received a lot of feedback from the helicopter ads – pilots wanting to know if Rodger was really a pilot (he’s not), had his own helicopter (he doesn’t) or was really flying when the commercials were filmed (he wasn’t). These commercials successfully conveyed how Scottrade listens to what its clients want.

Little Rodger Campaign
The “Little Rodger” commercials featured a 10-year-old Rodger Riney demonstrating how even as a kid, he believed in giving people more for their money. He was seen building an elaborate tree house, painting a giant mural on the side of a barn, and delivering the newspaper straight to his customers’ hands on his paper route. The spots conveyed the value and service Rodger has always believed in and how online investors can receive that same value and service today through Scottrade’s transparent pricing, its full line of investment products and outstanding customer support.


Scottrade has been the sponsor of the National Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues and their arena, Scottrade Center, since 2006. The arena showcases Scottrade in newspapers, on the radio, online and on national television, as well as to nearly two million visitors who attend its 175 annual entertainment, sports and family events. The firm also sponsors the Peabody Opera House and is a visible sponsor at Busch Stadium, home to Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals.

Scottrade’s Latest Commercial