Culture & Values

Scottrade associates at corporate headquarters

Culture Statement

Scottrade has built its success on a foundation of “doing what’s right.” The company is dedicated to providing associates the opportunity to grow professionally, while maintaining a healthy balance of work and home life. This is done through fostering a culture of growth, integrity and diversity, where team members can communicate openly across any level of the organization. It is because of this culture that we are able to provide the best service and best value to our customers.

These five core values exemplify our dedication to our associates and our approach to business:

  1. Customer Service: Satisfying our customer is the foundation of everything we do. Whether working with each other or communicating with a client, we continually strive for a commitment to excellence.
  2. Individual Development: Our people are our most valuable resource. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to developing individual talents through innovative training and career growth opportunities.
  3. Teamwork: We rely on a strong commitment to teamwork to meet our common goal of providing the best value and best service to our customers.
  4. Trust & Integrity: We stand for honesty in every aspect of our business and empower our associates to do their job in an ethical manner. By doing this, we gain the confidence of our customers.
  5. Open Communication: We encourage the honest and frequent sharing of ideas, opinions and information across all levels of the organization.

Founder & CEO Biography

Rodger Riney

Since the beginning, our Founder and CEO, Rodger Riney, has focused on doing what is right and offering you a better way to invest and trade.

History Timeline

History Timeline

The brokerage industry was deregulated in 1975. Learn how Scottrade introduced the concept of “deep discount” trading, providing an even greater value for investors.